Hello my name is Marek Burkert

Let me help you reach your marketing goals.

Are you starting a new business and looking for a way to get your website noticed? Or are you already established but struggling to get your website to rank on search engines? Look no further! I have helped businesses all over the world increase their online presence and drive more organic traffic to their sites.

Personal approach

I believe that with a personal approach, together we can move forward efficiently. I am honest with my clients and I am not afraid to speak my mind or admit my mistake.

Continuous improvement

I am continuously improving my marketing processes, trying new tools and automating everything that takes time. I’m also continually educating myself across digital marketing and ecommerce.

Thinking creatively

I often think out of the box. I look for new approaches and ways to push myself and your projects. Although some of my work is mostly technical, there is always room for creativity.

I do not work alone

Crafting effective digital marketing

During my marketing journey, I have met many clients and industry specialists. Just as I pride myself on a personal and honest approach with my clients, I require the same from my colleagues. I have a couple of partners, people in their own right and each of them represent a different field. From PPC specialists, creatives to skilled coders who will create whatever you want.


My goal is not to work just for myself, but to connect people with each other, whether they are marketers or my own clients. I believe that connecting together moves people further.


I am going to interview you at the beginning


I will find out your needs


I will suggest the most comfortable and logical solution


Together, we will create your idea

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Stephani Smith

Marketing Manager

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David Booker

Marketing Manager

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Sasha Nakamor

Marketing Manager

Who I am

About me

My name is Marek Burkert and I started studying online marketing while I was in college. That’s when I got the idea to build my own ecommerce store, practically without any knowledge. Gradually I started to find out what all online marketing involves, how it is constantly changing and I tested and studied different mechanics. Then I got an internship at an agency where I met great people who started pushing me further. Many of these people are now my friends and we still work together.

Since then, my primary focus has been on SEO, building websites or marketplaces. I have an overlap in all areas of digital marketing, which helps me talk to clients more comprehensively than superficially only about one topic.

You may ask what SEO and why do you need?

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A frequently asked questions from my client

In every sector there are doubts about the need for the service.

Still have you questions in mind?

01. Does My Business Need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is key to increasing a website’s visibility in search results, which brings more organic traffic. With better search engine rankings, websites build credibility and authority, while offering a better user experience. SEO is a cost-effective strategy with long-term results that can deliver a competitive advantage.

02. Why Isn't My Website Ranking on Google?

Websites can be overlooked due to poor SEO, penalties for unethical practices, low quality content, technical issues such as robots.txt configuration, or strong industry competition, and more.

03. How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

In practice, a newly created website may start appearing in search results within days to weeks after its launch, but achieving high positions, especially for competitive keywords, can take months or even longer. It is important to be patient and regularly monitor and optimize your SEO strategy.

05. Does Social Media Help To Increase My Website's Rank?

The direct relationship between social media and SEO rankings may not be straightforward, but the combination of a strong SEO strategy and an active social media presence can maximize online visibility and lead to better results in both areas.


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